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At every stage of life taking decisions is too difficult. we all have to face different problems in life. According to Islamic tradition and history, istikhara is the most important thing to take decisions. It is important for Muslims to get help from Allah. we are here to discuss about the Istikhara with Islamic light and traditions.


Significance of Istikhara


According to Islamic teachings, Istikhara is very important, Hazart MUHAMMAD [PBUH] has emphasized its importance, To bring mankind to Allah for guidance and to understand His wisdom. it is based on the fact, that we are within human limits and seek Allah’s wisdom and ease in our judgment and decisions.


Istikhara is derived from the arabic word’khair’Which means goodness. This action is a great way to get Allah’s attention. Because of this purpose we become closer to Allah.The purpose of istikhara prayer is to seek guidance from Allah. The purpose of this dua is only to speak to Allah with a true heart,Dua to which help we need from Allah in life. This is not a commom practice, it is a means of strenght leading to Allah and Solution of difficulties.


Istikhara dua is very important in islamic culture. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) highlights the importance of Istikhara dua. Muslims are instructed to seek Allah’s guidance on every matter of life. The real Purpose of istikhara is that we have to live with our own limits and accept them Allah’s guidance. And we always have to trust in Allah’s infinite power until our decisions are in line with what Allah has made for us. 


Istikhara dua is a strong way to get closer to Allah. Who invites guidance and helps us to decide what action to take an in other words this is a short prayer that a Muslim may consult with Allah. Istikhara is a way of seeking the pleasure of Allah, which helps Muslims in every aspect of life.


Istikhara Dua


Istikhra dua is an excellent means for muslims to seek Allah’s guaidance to making decision. This topic may help to understand Istikhara Prayar in full detail. Emphasizes the importance of faith. It is a means of seeking guidance for these Muslims, Who is worried about his problems. For all those engaged in the practice of Istikhara prayer, it is desired that the practice of Istikhara prayer be a source of clarity, peace and guidance from Allah. This practice into our lives can lead us to a more purposeful and spiritually aligned life.


Online Istikhara Specialist

Istikhara is the most important important part of our life to take decisions in our whole lives. Some people do istikhara by themselves but everyone to know istikhara can be done only when someone have the knowledge to do istikhara. If you can do istikhara by youself the you can get help from online istikhara services.

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